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Where Are All The White Voices?

By Kavita Bhanot and Ayesha Manazir Siddiqi

Where are the White Voices? highlights the absurdities and dehumanisation inherent  in contemporary discussions on race and representation by flipping the gaze, presenting a 'diversity panel' in a world where it is white people who are the historically marginalised. In a panel consisting of academics, writers, and activists, the discussion turns to, amongst other things, cancel culture, 'melanin' fragility, and the sell out.  


This film was first written as a play, and staged as part of the Literature Must Fall festival in 2019 at the Birmingham Impact Hub. It was rewritten as an online zoom panel discussion during the pandemic. 


Starring : Adrian Banting, Tuhin Chishti, Jonathan Andrew Hume, Ingrid Marsh, Laurence Saunders, Rachel Wannell, Momo Yeung

Technical Support: Harriet Phillips

Post-production: Niranjan Sivakumar

Design: Shaded Rose

Contributing Editor: Tim Stimpson

Special Thanks: Aaisha Akhtar, Adrian Banting, Sumaya Kassim, Jet Singh, Pakeezah Zahoor.

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3. Decolonial Fantasy Lands by Kavita Bhanot and  Ayesha Manazir Siddiqi

Other Resources

Some writings that further explore these issues

around race and representation:

1. Decolonise, not Diversify by Kavita Bhanot 


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