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About JAAG Festival

The JAAG Festival is an intergenerational event; bring your parents & grandparents, aunties & uncles, children & grandchildren, nieces & nephews, older friends & younger friends. A space for generations to communicate, learn from and question each other.

In the spirit of Literature Must Fall, JAAG promotes literature as being for everyone, everywhere and everyday. Literature connects our pasts and present, building on the literature that has come before. However, JAAG isn't just about nostalgia & celebration. It's not about fixing & fetishising language, literature & culture - we have to constantly interrogate these.

Can we have conversations within, rather than performing always for the mainstream? Can our politics engage with layers of oppression rather than binaries? How can we honour our emotional connection to fragile and precious languages and literatures that are so often devalued, while being open to considering how and who these might continue to hurt?

Can we go beyond the individualism and commodification of our time, our languages and our selves, including the pressure to turn ourselves into brands, whilst also considering the exploitation of our time, ideas, and resources?


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The day will explore all these questions through performances, workshops and conversations about language and literature that foreground the white supremacist, ableist, hetero-normative, classist, casteist and patriarchal world we are all embedded in. We want to support radical thought, creating space for experimental and heartfelt storytelling and truth-telling.  

Is there any space or possibility for collective conversation and resistance? JAAG isn't about brushing over hierarchies to come together for one day - but facing and centring these with compassion, an open heart and self-reflection, to allow for longer term connections and conversations.

JAAG is a space to go deep - to learn across what is different and shared, to interrogate our assumptions and to connect and collaborate with others who are similarly passionate about Panjabi & Pahari-Pothwari language and literature.

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