Healing The Othered Body

The issue of mental health, pathologised and internalized, can often be framed as a personal problem, without taking into account how, for PoC, working class, disabled, queer and trans communities, and other oppressed groups, mental health is deeply tied into structural inequalities, into political realities, and into historical injustices.


This panel brings together writers, mental health practitioners, and performers who had delved deeply into pain, struggle, and healing. Using different mediums, including writing, ritual, sexuality, psychotherapy, and performance, they try to understand and transmit what it means to heal the othered body.


In this talk, they will explore the ways in which not just the body and mind, but communities and societies are deeply interconnected. The talk will challenge western frameworks that resist this interconnectedness. It will touch upon trauma, including ancestral trauma and that caused by everyday microaggressions.


During this talk, we will hold ourselves and each other with intention and insight as we think together of how to heal, grow, and nurture in a world fraught with structural oppression.

Panellists: Matilda Ibini, Demi Nandhra, Sharmila Chauhan and Wanjiku Nyachae

Chair: Ayesha Manazir Siddiqi