Getting To The Root; The Sacred As A Radical Act

This session is a meditation on answering difficult questions from the heart rather than the mind, led by poet, essayist and spiritual teacher, John Siddique.


The event will start with a ‘de-phoning’ ceremony and a heart-based meditation practice, in order for us to connect to ourselves, our feelings, our mind-bodies. From this place, John will share his thoughts about what spirituality means for PoC, and the ways in which western spirituality, often predicated on ‘spiritual bypassing’, the plastering over of actual issues with empty rhetoric, can do great harm to PoC. He will explore the roles that PoC play in the worlds of writing and publishing, constantly becoming the othered subjects of media representations, and examine ways to undo this.


He will also speak of how any practice that only comes from the mind and is not rooted in heart and spirit cannot truly produce transformative change, since this is the place the problem arose from in the first place.


In contrast to this mind-space, the audience will step into their emotions, and experience what it feels like to be grounded in this open and stronger place within themselves; seeing the gifts that can arise from here, and the truly radical capacity for change that the sacred contains.


John will also speak about his own journey and about the connection between spirituality and the written word by sharing some of his poetry with the audience.

Panellist: John Siddique

Facilitated by Ayesha Manazir Siddiqi